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4404 Forest Drive, Columbia, SC 29206
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+1 803-790-0100

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  • JoAnn Gibson
    Nov, 30 2018
    ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆
    I could not in good faith recommend this bank to anyone. I experienced epic failure with this corporation. Basic information at times was hard to come by. If there was problem, integrity remained absent. If I had a question and needed answers, vague answers were given, insulting my intelligence. I am a former banker so I understand a great deal in the banking industry. Legal documents were lost and not returned to my possession with no explanation. Checks that were not supposed to be deposited were with no explanation that we were being done a favor so the next time I came in to deposit a check, to our surprise, they decided to follow policy. To our determent, we did not gain access to a great deal of money for eight days since they set an unrealistic precedent. Fraud also was committed on my account and they never finished the investigation, resulting in a $400 loss to me. This knowledge came to me by way of the Company that actually prematurely renewed a service for me without my consent. This loss came by way of the folks in Lexington. When I chose to close my account, they denied me internet access to my account so I could shut things down properly to make sure that everything had cleared that needed to. Needles to say, my experience with First Community Bank was a MAJOR disappointment. I have taken all of my business out to my Credit Union which is a delight and very much Member friendly. No doubt there are customers that have had a good experience, but mine was far from it. I gave them NUMEROUS opportunities to write the wrong and redeem themselves. They chose not to so I have happily moved on.
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First Community Bank

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